Partnership Instruments

  • External Relations and Foreign Affairs
BUDGET: € 954,76 million (2013 prices)

The Partnership Instrument promotes EU and mutual interests and gives the “Europe 2020” strategy a global reach, by responding in an effective and flexible manner to cooperation objectives arising from the Union's relations with partner countries and by addressing challenges of global concern. It has a global reach with a particular focus on strategic partners and emerging economies.


Implementing the international dimension of the “Europe 2020” strategy by supporting EU bilateral, regional and inter-regional cooperation partnership strategies, by promoting policy dialogues and by developing collective approaches and responses to challenges of global concern such as energy security, climate change and environment; improving market access and developing trade, investment and business opportunities for European companies, in particular SMEs, by means of economic partnerships and business and regulatory cooperation; enhancing widespread understanding and visibility of the Union and its role on the world scene by means of public diplomacy, education, academic cooperation and outreach activities to promote Union’s values and interests.


All third countries, regions and territories are eligible for cooperation under this Instrument. However, the Partnership Instrument primarily supports cooperation measures with developed and developing countries which play an increasingly prominent role in the international economy and trade, in multilateral fora, in global governance and in addressing challenges of global concern and where the Union has significant interests.


Promotion of cooperation, partnership and joint undertakings between economic, academic and scientific actors in the EU and the partner countries; stimulation of bilateral trade, investment flows and economic partnership; promotion of dialogues between political, economic and social actors and NGOs; promotion of people-to-people links, education and training programmes and intellectual exchanges and enhancement of mutual understanding between cultures and civilizations; promotion of cooperative projects in the areas of research, science and technology, energy, transportation and environmental matters; the enhancement of awareness about and understanding of the European Union and of its visibility in partner countries; support for specific initiatives, including research work, studies, pilot schemes or joint projects. The Partnership Instrument gives priority to supporting external EU policies like trade as well as the external dimension of EU policies on climate change, the environment, energy, transport, employment and social policy, as well as information and communication technologies.

RESPONSIBLE BODY: DG Service for foreign policy instruments (FPI)
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