Common Agriculture Policy (CAP – pillar l)

  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods
BUDGET: € 277 851,0 million (2011 prices); € 252 238. 5 million (current prices )
  • Viable food production;
  • Sustainable management of natural resources and climate action;
  • Balanced territorial development.

Policy area:

  • To provide environmental public goods;
  • To compensate for production difficulties in areas with specific natural constraints;
  • To pursue climate change mitigation and adaptation actions;
  • To manage the EU budget (CAP) in accordance with high standards of financial management interventions in agricultural markets:
  • To improve the competitiveness of the agricultural sector and enhance its value share in the food chain.

Direct aids:

  • To contribute to farm incomes and limit farm income variability;

Rural development:

  • To foster green growth through innovation;
  • To support rural employment and maintain the social fabric of rural areas;
  • T o improve the rural economy and promote diversification;
  • T o allow for structural diversity in farming systems.

All regions of the EU


The maximum EU co-funding rates will be up to 85% in less developed regions, the outermost regions and the smaller Aegean islands, 75% in transition regions, 63% in other transition regions and 53% in other regions for most payments, but can be higher for the measures supporting knowledge transfer, cooperation, the establishment of producer groups and organisations and young farmer installation grants, as well as for LEADER projects and for spending related to the environment and climate change under various measures.


RESPONSIBLE BODY: DG Agriculture and Rural Development
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